An Effective Mental Exercise

Are you tensed with your memory as you are aging day by day? It is a matter of fact that as we grow old, it becomes very difficult to have a memory like childhood. Super brain Yoga can help you with this problem. It is a natural, beneficial and simple exercise to boost memory. This doesn’t need any strange turns or body twist but it works wonderfully for our brain. It especially works effectively for senile people, who are usually suffering from disorders like ADD, ADHD etc, autism, hyperactive teens and children. It is actually for them who want sharpest mind for the rest of their life with the investment of three minutes each day. This Super brain Yoga is empirically proven by doctors and professionals.

Steps of Super Brain Yoga:

At first, you have to face east. If you don’t know the direction, no need to panic. Just face any direction.

Then try to connect the tongue of yours to the top roof of the mouth.

After that, raise the left arm in front of the face.

Then fold the elbow and at the same time try to reach your right earlobe.

Hold the right earlobe with the left hand by which two fingers except the thumb are inside and the thumb remains on the outside. The two fingers should be at right behind the ear.

In the same way, now extend the right arm in front of the face.

Fold the elbow and then try to reach the left earlobe. At this point right arm has to cross above the left arm.

The way you did with the fingers of the left hand on the right earlobe, do the same for the right hand’s finger.

Inhale deeply as well as squat down simultaneously and gently into the sitting position. Don’t put down the hands. Just squat, you don’t need any chair. If you have to go down to the floor, this is the best way to do this.

If you don’t feel any stress, try to hold the position for three or four seconds. Gently exhale and then go to standing position.  This is one cycle.

When you are going down, you need to inhale and when you are coming up, you need to exhale.

Doctors don’t recommend more than about seven cycles.

At the end, after seven cycles, you can make the arms loose by the side of your body and bring back your tongue to normal state from the mouth’s roof.

Some Tips Related To Super Brain Yoga:

This yoga is especially beneficial for disable persons or children.

If anyone doesn’t perform this yoga regularly, this is not going to be useful.

Transmutation of energy is the basic of Super brain Yoga.

With this yoga, you can improve the score, memory and concentration.

For females, it is better to avoid this yoga for two days after, during and two days before the menstruation.

This exercise is very simple but equally powerful.

Super brain Yoga can lead you to insomnia, if it is not advised properly by an expert. So if you feel like you are having less sleep, you have to consult with a doctor before proceeding further.

Some Warnings:

It might not be that safe for females during their menstrual cycle.

It may lead to the insomnia. So you should take doctor’s advice before starting this Yoga.

Super Brain Yoga is an effective and simple technique for enhancing well being. This can touch more lives by professionally and personally. But unfortunately most of the people don’t know about this miracle exercise. Now-a-days doctors and therapists are suggesting this yoga for children and athletes. With a regular application of this yoga, anyone can achieve the success.