Best Weight Loss Exercises that Never Turn You Down

Shedding off extra pounds through exercises is an amazing process and when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday and observe your progress, you get motivated to continue with your weight loss exercises. It does not cost you anything except regularity, inspiration and determination to get to your target. Once you find these in your intentions, start your exercises without any worries. Here are some of the most famous and high scoring exercises that bring results fast and long lasting:


Jogging or brisk walking is best for losing weight. A steady and non-stop walk everyday for an hour is great to burn above 1000 calories and a good weight loss exercises plan. Start with short distance and for a short while and increase the duration and distance that you cover in the first ten days till you reach your target time. Keep with it for a month and check how many pounds you have successfully got ridden of. Swimming Swimming is a whole body exercise which builds up your muscles and burns the fat fast. It is an excellent and healthy way to get rid of extra fat that has accumulated on your body. Three days a week swimming can help you get in shape in a month. Though, there are many weight loss exercises but swimming remains most pleasurable and motivating of them all as it is a sport and workout at the same time.

Bicycling Riding a bike in the open fresh air enables you to inhale lots of oxygen and at the same time shed off your extra pounds successfully. If you can find a companion with you for your daily trips out on your bike, your motivation remains high and you remain regular as well. Riding a bike at the speed of 10m per hour is the optimum speed to burn calories.

Weight Loss Exercises and Workouts

There are number of workouts that can help you get in shape perfectly well. They increase your metabolism, improve your health, strengthen your immunity and help your heart work better. The top best workouts include dumbbell exercises, squats and pushups. They work amazingly with weight loss plan as they burn the fat specifically around your belly and give you a smart shape. Keeping regular with your weight loss exercises is the only thing that can guarantee you effective weight loss and fitness.

Weight Loss Exercises and Your Diet

If you arrange weight loss exercises and diet plan together, you can get the results faster and even the most obstinate type of fats can be easily dissolved. Addressing the excessive weight gain thorough a multiple plan comprising of controlled diet and focused exercises doubles your chances of success. Consume fiber rich food like fruits and vegetable and increase the intake of fluids to replace the lost water through perspiration. Consume white meat more than red meat. Greek yogurt, low-fat milk, farm fresh eggs, whole grain foods and fresh fruit juices are ideal during your quest for a smart physique.