Breast Augmentation Procedures

Breast reconstruction surgery aims at restoring the natural look, shape, and amount of breasts after either one was removed from a mastectomy operation. This intervention comes with a high psycho-emotional load for a woman who lost a chest or even both. In most cases, the level of self-confidence will likely be increased in every patient, as well as the quality of the dating life.

The choice of a plastic surgeon of choice is vital to think about carefully. Any licensed physician can do cosmetic surgery, but deciding on a surgeon like Dr Ali Sadeghi who’s the specialized knowledge and experience for the procedure will yield ideal results. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons exists for physicians who focus on surgical treatment. Members of the ASPS have no less than five years of experience as surgeons and no less than a couple of years of experience specifically with surgical treatment. Surgeons that have previous experience with mastopexy (the medical term for a breast lift) are the ideal candidates for carrying out of the procedure.

First thing you should do is find out precisely what you want to be done. While a plastic surgeon can provide back many of the firmness you’ve lost, you’ll find limits from what they can do. You want to ensure that you have a very reasonable goal in your mind before heading for a consultation. That being said, your doctor Dr Ali Sadeghi may help you with all the finer details. Sure you need them to be raised, which is the whole idea behind a breast lift, but you will not want it being noticeable to everyone that you’ve had some assistance in that area. The right doctor can lift your chest enough, in which you look lovely and natural all as well.

The discovery of the requirement of an enhancement (also known as a mastopexy) in an augmentation procedure can be an unsettling consideration. Scars develop a new cosmetic deformity that must be balanced from the sagging that it must be replacing. That trade-off can be quite a difficult decision that is highly influenced by the amount of sagging that’s present. In very low-hanging breasts, this is not a difficult decision.

When you go to a medical expert, he’ll do an essential consultation to determine your overall health, your ultimate goals, and if you are an ideal candidate for your procedure. He will try taking some photos plus your complete history in the exam. You must tell him everything. Should you forget to be sure, he understands of a medication that you regularly take, even when it is just aspirin, it could complicate the surgical treatment or your recovery. He may need you to stop some medication, start a new drug, or even stop something such as smoking before surgery. For your procedure becoming good results with as few complications as possible, it is essential that you follow your medical professional’s instructions. You can learn more here at

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