Electronic Cigarette – How Safe Is It To Use One

An electronic cigarette, often referred to as e-cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes or e-cigs, is a battery-powered tool which uses ultrasonics or heat for vaporizing a nicotine and propylene glycol solution. Though electronic cigarettes have been advertised as healthier alternative for tobacco cigarettes, some manufacturers say that their electronic cigarette is a complete device for smoking cessation.

Should You Believe The Manufacturers? Even though it is the claim of many electronic cigarette brands that an electronic cigarette offers smoking experience that is free of any health risks, but one should not only rely on what the manufacturers say. So, are they safe? Can they really help you quit smoking? Well, there are so many electronic cigarette reviews out there on the internet and going through them will help you see a clear picture. Let’s dig a bit deep into this.

Is An Electronic Cigarette A Safer Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes? It has been claimed by the manufacturers that tar and other harmful carcinogenic compounds which are generated because of tobacco combustion aren’t present in an electronic cigarette. But, the health risks of electronic cigarettes that may be associated with nicotine intake are not mentioned most of the times. As stated above, e-cigarettes carry nicotine which is dissolved in the vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. Nicotine is naturally addictive and there are many physiological effects of adverse nature associated to it. It can affect your vital organs like heart and lungs. For this reason, FDA has categorized e-cigarettes under the drug delivery tools.

According to studies done on the electronic cigarettes safety, e-cigarettes from some brands also carry nitrosamines and diethylene glycol. These are the chemicals that can cause some health risks. Furthermore, nicotine amounts that were mentioned on labels did not correspond to actual content present in the electronic cigarette. This raised questions on e-cigarettes that they can lead to certain health problems. Furthermore, using flavors in an electronic cigarette is considered nothing more than marketing gimmick that would increase sales just by targeting young crowd. Even a directive has been issued by WHO to manufacturers as well as marketers about not to mention electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation tool. A major concern about them is the fact that they can lead to the nicotine addiction and may increase the probability of different associated health problems.

The Verdict

Even though health risks of conventional tobacco cigarettes are innumerable and an electronic cigarette is a better alternative, but still one can’t say that e-cigarettes are a completely safe alternative. They’ve been advertised as safer option compared to conventional cigarettes, however, there haven’t yet been enough conclusive studies conducted to ascertain their potential health risks. One can’t rule out nicotine addiction and for that reason some countries have set up regulatory authorities while others have completely banned them. Certain states in USA are also thinking about a ban on e-cigs as well. So, before using them, check for local laws, find out the best electronic cigarette brands, get an expert advice and read some good reviews to make a well-informed decision.