Finding the Right Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

One of the unfortunate byproducts of breast cancer for a lot of women is a dramatic drop inside their libido and satisfaction within their intimate relations. This often has come about as women feel less sensual and attractive while they undergo hair thinning, alterations in estrogen levels, and often vaginal dryness. And if ladies have to own one or both breasts removed to eliminate cancer, these feelings of unattractiveness might be intensified. You can see some works here at

If you have had several breasts removed through surgery, you happen to be a candidate for breast reconstruction, because of the conventional patient. It is quite reasonable to require to get your feminine figure rear soon after the removal procedure, and perhaps you can do so immediately since some doctors like Dr Ali Sadeghi can give you implants on the same day you will get your breasts removed. However, sometimes, you’ll be advised to hold back a couple of months a minimum of, until your chest heals in the procedure. Only your physician can decide this choice, so talk to them in what is best for you.

Picking the right size might be tricky. There are good ways there could be unhealthy solutions to do this. Every patient knows somebody who got “350’s” and went from a 34B to your 34 full C, do you want “350’s”, right? Not necessarily. Every woman’s personality is different; the breast tissue will vary, the stretchability, contours, skin/breast tissue density all different.

A review of the photos of 100 females who each received “350 cc” size implants is likely to reveal 100 noticeably different variations in dimensions and shape. You can test this by considering a sample before and after photos available everywhere and make yourself very confused. Adding to this confusion is the fact that bra sizes are certainly not equivalent among different bra brands and fashions what exactly does a single cup size mean? And within a C cup, a female can be quite a full C, a middle C, a small C, from a mid and a full C, etc. etc. Which one can you mean if you say “C”? Which one does your new Orleans plastic surgeon mean when he states “C”? Whew. There can be a few good ways to get a much better handle on the ideal target range. Look at a few of the men’s magazines, bikini catalogs, etc. and begin deciding on photos of some styles and sizes. Too big, too small, too fake, way too high, too low, perfect. You must have your loved one try this also and compare notes. You will find this procedure very enlightening and probably obviously any good little fun. Bring these photos along with you to your consultation. Everyone looking at a photograph or two and saying “that’s about where we want to go” means everyone visually and artistically is on a single page. In the end, it’s all about your new Orleans plastic surgeon’s best understanding of what you’ve his capacity to get you in this range – there is certainly never a warranty of the exact result size. Most women and cosmetic surgeons will even counsel you to go a little fuller than perhaps you initially thought. In the rather small world of those people who are dissatisfied using augmentations are a small amount of “I think I’m too big” post-op patients as well as a much more significant amount of “I should have gone bigger.”

Sometimes the issue lies not with the chest area overall, but only with the nipple area. If your areolas are not symmetrical or appear twisted, you can talk to your surgeon to learn the way to correct it. Sometimes the areola should be grafted using skin.

From other aspects of one’s body, while some surgeons want to tattoo an areola on the area to avoid having to put you through another surgery. Talk to your doctor Dr Sadeghi about your preferences.

There are two stages to breast reconstruction; as soon as the initial operation has become completed, your surgeon in most cases allow a 3 to 6 month recovery period ahead of the second stage from the nipple reconstruction procedure. Although that may seem a long time to attend, the new breasts must have enough time to heal following the reconstruction. If you find any problems, these will come to light with this period, which enables it to be resolved. You can see more information here at

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