How to Get Rid Of Heartburn or Acid Reflux Fast

Some people usually treat heartburn like a mild pain or just gas working its way through their bodies, but the sad ironic truth is that gas is more than just a mild pain; it’s a big pain in the butt. Heartburn is one of those inner body issues that can really wreak havoc on a person from the time they get up, throughout the day when they’re at work and at night when they’re trying to get their 8 hours of sleep. However, there are home remedies for heartburn, which introduce creative ways to get rid of heartburn or acid reflux so it’s gone forever.

#1, Apple

This wonder fruit is not only good for the outer body but it’s also good for the inner body as well, apples have anti-gastrointestinal properties which can help stop stomach acid dead in it’s tracks and stop it altogether. A person suffering from heartburn can just as easily be rid of it by eating an apple and within minutes, they’ll feel and as well as notice the heartburn subsiding then disappearing. On average, the apple’s heartburn healing ability takes a little over a few minutes, so the person will have to be patient; the good thing is that apples are a remedy that a person can use over and over again to get rid of acid reflux or heartburn.

#2, Basil Leaves

Most people usually undersell this herb as just a bunch of ineffective leaves that people munch on when making salads, but make no mistake, basil leaves are the ideal remedy when curing heartburn. Interesting enough, basil leaves are used in salads all across the world, including in the U.S. which is how most people eat them and how most prefer to eat them. However, people can eat basil leaves as they are and it’ll work just the same. Consuming 3 basil leaves will completely annihilate heartburn.

#3, Chewing Gum

This is quite an extraordinary remedy and what makes it so is because it requires two things to eliminate heartburn, the mouth in which to chew it and the saliva. Saliva is a natural coagulant when it comes to heartburn, when a person chews gum, they produce 6 times more saliva v’s if they were just eating a carrot or eating a popsicle. Chewing gum will produce enough saliva to wash away all heartburn symptoms and pains. It has also been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that fruit-flavored sugarless gum is the most effective, it is ill-advised to just eat any gum because they won’t have the desired heartburn relief effect.

#4, Peppermint Oil/Peppermint Candy

This is another uncommon remedy for heartburn, what makes it so is because it’s not really on the record for being a remedy for heartburn. However, because of it being a fast paced cure for heartburn as well as being a natural antibiotic for stomach gas problems, it’s perfect for relieving heartburn. Doing this is simple, all the person has to be just put 2 drops of the oil in lukewarm or icy cold water and within seconds, the heartburn is gone. Going out to buy some peppermint candy to munch on is also effective in destroying heartburn.

#5, Turmeric

Generally, this herb/spice is used in a variety of food and has been used as a healing herb for generations. It has anti-gastrointestinal properties which make it ideal in getting rid of heartburn, but some people aren’t too keen on devouring an herb or a spice in its raw form. However, consuming it in its raw form will definitely be more beneficial to the person because turmeric stops indigestion and destroy stomach acid at its source. A person can also cook their meals and use this herb/spice as a seasonal flavoring in their food and they’ll be able to eliminate heartburn that way as well.

#6, Garlic

Garlic can be very useful way to get rid of heartburn. But it is very underrepresented because most people prefer to not eat it because of the stench that it leave on their breath. Well the ironic part about garlic is that not only is it a noteworthy remedy for heartburn, but because it’s a powerful antibiotic for stomach acid as well as acid reflux, it’s the ideal remedy for curing heartburn. Consuming a clove of garlic will eliminate heartburn instantly; it’s also been said that if a person mixes, garlic in with their apple cider drink, they’ll be rid of heartburn like that as well; this double whammy effect will cure heartburn that much quicker.

#7, Fennel Tea

The magical heartburn healing properties of tea made from this seed is absolute, and some people can even consume the seeds by themselves. Fennel Tea is a natural remedy for curing all gas problems within the body, it also helps a person to relieve themselves of that gas so it’s not trapped in the body for hours and hours on end. A person can make a tea out of it by boiling some water, then add a couple of teaspoons to the mix, pour in a cup and stir for a few minutes then drink it; heartburn gone.

#8, Cinnamon

The raw power of this spice can cure heartburn like no other, and what makes it such a creative way to get rid of heartburn is that a person can put cinnamon into just about anything or consume it as it is. For example, if a person was going to have oatmeal for breakfast, then they can put some cinnamon in the oatmeal and mix it around in the oatmeal. Upon consumption, a person will have completely gotten rid of their heartburn, this remedy takes a few minutes to work. It’s also recommended that the person waits until the oatmeal cools before adding the cinnamon or they could undo the remedy.

#9, Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea made from this natural anti gas repellent can not only relieve heartburn, but it can destroy intestinal problems as a whole. For example, a person can make tea out of Chamomile to take with them on the road or to just have at work when they have lunch because as most people know, they can’t avoid spicy food or intensely hot food. Chamomile Tea is a natural heartburn cure.

#10, Baking Soda

Most people wouldn’t think this powerful substance to be a home remedy for heartburn, but it is and it’s one of the most effective of its kind. Baking Soda works as a natural as well as a biological antacid which can cure most gas problems and can even cure gas chest congestion, all a person has to do is to mix baking soda in some water, preferably cold water and stir then drink. This will destroy a person’s heartburn and keep it from coming back later or ever, as long as a person has baking soda nearby, they’ll always be able to keep heartburn away.