How to Keep Your Skin Young Looking with Natural Skin Care

90% of our world’s population complains of skin complications. Ladies and gents both find it very hard and complicated to follow natural skin care techniques so as they can have flawless skin and at the same time solve many troubles they face regarding their skin. There are several natural skin care methods that allow you to save your skin from the damage of weather, aging and other health troubles. If you are looking for real natural skin care tips that live up to the name read below:

There are several homemade skin care tips which you can use in your daily diet that can be an excellent source of skin care. Fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and some herbs can be applied alone or in a mixed form on the skin for different purposes. For treating wrinkles of cold dry weather a mixture of milk, rose water and glycerin is very helpful. Apply it twice a day for an hour and wash with slightly warm water. Your skin remains fresh as a rose petal throughout the day no matter how cold is the weather. For cleaning oily skin, make a mixture of cucumber juice, lemon juice, a little bit of whole wheat flour and gram flour and mix well. This paste is applied on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes to clean the skin from all sorts of oils and even make up leftovers. In regard of natural skin care, these simple methods are incomparable.

For those girls who need to apply make up for most of their day, natural make up is better and safer for their skin as it does not contain harsh chemicals and colors that spoil the delicate layer of the skin. They can penetrate deep and cause more serious damage to the skin pores. Controlled and for a short time use of chemical based make up can minimize its harmful effects. If you know the right natural skin care tips for your skin type, apply them regularly during those days when you need to apply make up more excessively. Pure honey face mask also cleans the skin from make-up residues. Fresh aloe-vera gel mixed with a little bit of milk is also good for cleaning the skin and rejuvenating it.

There are healthy natural skin care tips which advice drinking of ample water throughout the day to clean your skin from acne. You can go an extra mile for excellent results from drinking water by drinking fennel seeds water every day. Take two glasses of water at night and boil in it one level table spoon of fennel seeds and two to three stems of fresh green mint. Turn off the fire after a few minutes and next day in the morning drink this water after you squeeze in it a full lemon. This method cleans the skin from ugly dark spots, acne and seasonal pimples.

By mixing natural skin care tips that are for external use and other that are for consuming through mouth you can have a higher rate of success in taking care of your skin and keeping it young in elderly age. Whatever method or tip you follow for caring your skin, have patience for getting the right results as the natural methods take a bit longer time but show results that are long lasting.