Recognize the Most Common Symptoms of the Alcohol and Drug addiction

The alcohol and drug addiction are both a very serious problem, and it will need the help of both the government and society to take care of the problem, unfortunately, it will not be an easy task. The alcohol and drug addiction are becoming a problem for the society from a very long time ago, the major reason is that, both the alcohol and drug users are very easy to find. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not only the illegal drug which is able to cause an addiction, everyday drugs and the prescription drugs are also able to cause the drug addiction.

These are some common sign and symptoms of the alcohol and drug addiction:

– Alcohol: Dilated pupils, clumsiness, slurred speech, difficulty walking and once the people in question are a minor mostly they will use a fake ID’s.
– Depressants: contracted pupils, hard time concentrating, poor judgment, slurred speech, clumsiness, sleepiness and they seems like they are drunk without indication of alcohol.
– Inhalants; glue, vapors, aerosols, and other related items: watery eyes, headaches, impaired vision, loss of thoughts and memory, nausea, drippy nose, rashes around their nose, appears drunken, change in appetite, drowsiness, bad muscle control, anxiety, irritability and sometimes a lot of spray cans on their garbage can.
– Hallucinogens: Unusual irrational behavior, such as hallucinations, aggression, paranoia, self-absorption, mood swings, slurred speech & confusion.
– Heroin: Strange sleep patterns, constant sniffling, coughing, contracted pupils, twitching and followed by low pupil response to light and mostly include the needle marks.
– Marijuana: glassy eyes, red, inappropriate laughing and loud talking which sometimes followed by sweet burnt smell, sleepiness, loss of motivation and interest & changes in weight.

Back to the alcohol and drug addiction, similar to the illegal drug, those legal drugs are also capable ofcausing serious problem to the human body, in a more serious case; the drug addict may die due to his drug addiction. The alcohol addiction issimilar to the drug addiction, although it will be easier to find thosedangerous drinks; as it is legal, and there are more alcoholics than thedrug addicts.

The alcohol and drug is also capable of causing various healthproblems, and there are also various cases where the victim is died dueto its alcohol and drug addiction; although some may not be directly due to itsdrinking problem, for example, involved in a car crash because thevictim is drunk driving and something like that. Nonetheless no one of both alcohol and drug addiction will do any good on people’s life, get a fine alcohol and drug rehab as soon as possible is always the best way to handle such case.